• Angie Greiner

Nature Study Backpacks Available Thanks to the Washington Iowa Soil & Water Conservation District

Friends of Lake Darling would like to extend a huge thank you to the Washington Iowa Soil and Water Conservation District for providing us with a grant to purchase and assemble Nature Study backpacks for adults and youth. The Nature Study backpacks are available to be checked out at Lake Darling's Boathouse, campground hosts, or the Park's staff. This generous grant allowed us to purchase 6 youth backpacks and 4 adult backpacks which include nets, binoculars, specimen dishes, magnifying glasses, and field guides - everything you'd need to explore Lake Darling!

Friends of Lake Darling hopes these Nature Study backpacks will help encourage exploration and awareness of the wildlife, ecosystems, conservation, and watershed management at Lake Darling. The backpacks will be available to check out from campground hosts, Lake Darling Boathouse and Parks staff.

There are both adult and children nature study backpacks available for checkout free of charge thanks to the Washington Iowa Soil and Water Conservation District! We hope children and their families will take advantage of these backpacks to explore, learn, and enjoy the benefits of conservation and being outdoors at Lake Darling.

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