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Jimmy Dick Memorial Crappiethon

Updated: May 8, 2019

Join us Sunday, May 12th for the Inaugural Jimmy Dick Memorial Crappiethon in honor of former Friends of Lake Darling Board President, Jim Dickinson.

  • Registration begins at 6am at the Lake Darling Boat Ramp

  • Tournament is from 7am to noon

Registration is $10 per person the day of the event and proceeds support the Friends of Lake Darling.

Tournament rules are as follows:

This is a 1-3-person Team Tournament. All ages welcome. If at any time you do not have a partner, one team member can still fish as a team. Any team member substitutions must be authorized by the tournament coordinator. The Tournament weigh in location is the Boat House.

Tournament Starts at 7 AM-NOON.

All teams must check in Sunday, May 12th between the hours of 6:00 am and 7 am at the Lake Darling Boat House with the tournament coordinators. Anyone that can’t check in must notify the coordinator. Cost is $10 per person.

Bank or Boat Fishing Allowed. More than one team may fish from one boat but must keep fish


All fish must be caught by rod. Follow all IOWA FISHING and SAFETY REGULATIONS. ALL


be accompanied by a licensed adult.

No tournament fishing at Boathouse marina.

Severe weather may cancel tournament.

This is a “10 crappie weigh in” contest. Teams will not be allowed to bring more than 10 fish to weigh in (9-inch minimum length.) All fish weighed in must be counted by an authorized crappie catch counter. No water is to be brought to fish weigh in.

Winners will be determined by weight. TEAM HEAVIEST CRAPPIE and TEAM HEAVIEST TOTAL

CATCH. In case of a tie, teams must re-weigh. If there still is a tie, the length of the largest fish will determine the winner.

Absolutely no lines in the water until start time and must be out of water at tournament end time. All teams must be at weigh in at the Boat House marina by 12:30 or will be disqualified. Any and all live wells will be subject to inspection.

Violators of any of the listed rules may be disqualified for the tournament. The Tournament coordinator will determine severity of violations based on the facts.


6 AM- 7AM


12:30 PM

Prizes Will be Awarded at the end of weigh in. Cash prizes will be

determined by the number of entries. Other prizes will be raffled.

Proceeds benefit Friends of Lake Darling to go to Lake Darling State Park.

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